Relevant, satirical content that will leave you wondering how you weren’t already following this account. Adding to the mystery, we don’t know who the creator is.



Taking the Twitterverse by storm, the Emoji Mashup Bot is taking your favorite emojis and combining them in hilarious and creative ways.


Take a trip down memory lane with the Internet archive, the Wayback Machine. Since 2001, the non-profit has been capturing glimpses in time of the world’s most popular and not so popular websites.


Want to know what it’s like to be filthy rich while scanning the Internet? Adopt one of four alters egos with this Firefox plugin to fool the advertisement trackers.


Showcasing the unique, quirky, and creative content is this website’s modus operandi. With their managed submission platform, the content remains continual and fresh.


Software engineer Phillip Wang has created an AI-powered website that renders a hyper-realistic fake person on each refresh. A great example of how amazingly weird the Internet can be.


This has to be one of the best design and culture blogs on the web – an epic visual experience.


Sometimes even the best photos on Instagram need a little love. This site helps uncover the hidden gems on the photo-sharing network.